Zcash ready for trading on Blockport

Zcash ready for trading on Blockport

Zcash (ZEC), another top-20 cryptocurrency within Coinmarketcap’s rankings, has officially been listed on our trading platform!

This listing builds on the ramping-up of available cryptocurrencies on our platform, including the recent additions of NEO, IOTA, TRX and EOS.

With ZEC now on our platform, European crypto traders, investors, and enthusiasts will be able to purchase and trade Zcash through our trading portal.  

With a strong focus on community growth, and with an international footprint already in place for the Zcash project, we hope to contribute to their European growth and expansion, ensuring that its users have access to the coin via our easy-to-use trading platform.

The Zcash listing also complements our recent enabling of Euro/Fiat withdrawals on the platform.

About Zcash
Zcash is a privacy-protecting digital currency built on strong scientific principles. The Zcash currency facilitates fast and efficient transactions with low fees.

As a leading feature, the currency makes use of “zero-knowledge proofs”, which allow transaction data to be validated without revealing information about the amount and the parties involved.

About Blockport
Blockport is an easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange that bridges the traditional world of finance with the new digital economy of cryptocurrency.

The Blockport platform allows you to buy, sell and exchange leading cryptocurrencies directly with Euro. If you haven’t signed up for an account yet, you can start trading immediately here.

The Blockport’s native token (BPT) provides users with access to discounted trading fees, as well as ‘social trading’ features on the platform. BPT has recently become available on the Blockport platform itself. Find out more here.

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