3 min read

The planned second and third rounds of our STO fundraising will not be accessible to the general public.‌‌ This means that our community of users and investors will only be able to participate in the first round of the STO.

Sebastiaan Lichter
14 days ago
13 min read

Het is nu inmiddels meer dan tien jaar geleden dat Satoshi Nakamoto geschiedenis schreef en Bitcoin lanceerde. Nu, meer dan een decennium later, is Bitcoin uitgegroeid tot één van de grootste sociaal-economische experimenten in de geschiedenis van de mensheid.

Kai Bennink
15 days ago
6 min read

This article describes the necessary steps required by investors to whitelist for the Blockport STO.

Kai Bennink
17 days ago
2 min read

After several months of preparation, the Blockport team is excited to announce that investors are officially able to whitelist themselves on the investor platform for our Security Token Offering (STO).

Kai Bennink
23 days ago