6 min read

At Blockport, one of our most important upcoming features is social trading - offering our users an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that facilitates engagement and knowledge sharing between users.

Kai Bennink
8 months ago
7 min read

A sometimes overlooked impact of technology, apart from changing the way we interact, is the role that it plays in the power structures of our ever-growing information society. How does blockchain fit into this?

Zowie Langdon
9 months ago
2 min read

The start of the sale of Blockport Securities (BPS) is planned for: 31st of March. Additionally, we've published our updated white paper 2.0.

Sebastiaan Lichter
9 months ago
2 min read

Following Blockport’s long-standing partnership with one of the international leaders in cryptocurrency exchanges, KuCoin, we’re excited to announce that our utility token, BPT, has been promoted to their premium trading market - the Plus Trading Area.

Sebastiaan Lichter
10 months ago