2 min read

As many of you know, the Blockport platform is connected to external exchanges in order to aggregate liquidity and offer our users the best possible prices to buy and sell cryptocurrency.Next to Bitst

Kai Bennink
2 months ago
1 min read

Blockport is going to temporarily change the deposit fees to ZERO for a duration of two months, starting in August 2018.

Sebastiaan Lichter
3 months ago
5 min read

As our product teams are making huge steps in the right direction, we want to provide you with a short update on what is going on behind the scenes of Blockport with regards to the compliance and business side.

Sebastiaan Lichter
5 months ago
3 min read

A month ago we announced a strategic partnership with ARK and in this article we are going to explain the motives of our partnership.Together with our advisor Lars Rensing (CFO of ARK) we explored the

Sebastiaan Lichter
9 months ago