STO: second and third rounds not open for public investors

STO: second and third rounds not open for public investors

In exactly 10 days we will start with the first round of the Blockport STO, on:

15th of April 15:00 CEST

The Blockport STO entails tokenizing a portion of our company’s shares - granting investors economic ownership of Blockport, as well as benefits from a value increase in the Blockport company.

Currently, the investor portal is open for investors to whitelist themselves, which is open for investors in Europe and the U.S.

More information about the first round of the STO can be found on the website.

16th of April we launch the first round of our STO. Find out more on the website.

Second and third rounds‌‌

The past weeks we’ve received questions from our community about participation in the planned second and third STO rounds. Therefore, we provide more clarity about the participation of public investors in the next two rounds, in this article.

In our initial STO announcement, we highlighted that the second and third rounds would likely be “more closely positioned towards strategic, institutional and VC investors”. ‌‌

As a result of the interest generated for our STO over the past two months, Blockport has also received interest from several private, institutional investors. ‌‌

Therefore, we have decided that the planned second and third rounds of our STO fundraising will not be accessible to the general public.‌‌

What does this mean for STO investors? ‌‌

This means that our community of users and investors will only be able to participate in the first round of the STO, and not in the later rounds of the equity-fundraising. ‌‌

Participation in the first round will commence on a first-come-first-serve basis. ‌‌

The terms of the first round will remain exactly the same as described in the recently published Investment Memorandum. This means that the price or value of BPS tokens will not be affected. ‌‌

The first round will launch on the 15th of April at 15:00 CEST, as planned. ‌‌

Whitelisting is already open to investors on the investor portal:‌‌

First round details ‌‌

The minimum amount to be raised by the STO is 1 (one) million Euro. In case the minimum amount is not reached, investors will be refunded. Therefore, the exact number of BPS issued in the first round can range between 10,000 and a maximum of 49,999 tokens.

All information regarding our upcoming STO round on the 15th of April can be found in our Investment Memorandum in the investor portal:

How can you participate in the Blockport STO?

The first round of the Blockport STO includes separate offerings to (i) accredited investors in the United States and (ii) to public participants in multiple member states in the EEA.

To participate as an investor in the first round of the STO, investors need to whitelist themselves.

Read the guide on how to whitelist.

If you’re a private investor interested in participating in the second or third investment rounds, send an email to

About Blockport

Blockport is launching its first equity-based fundraising round through a Security Token Offering (STO), launching on the 15th of April 2019.

Learn more about the Blockport STO

Blockport is an Amsterdam-based, fiat-to-cryptocurrency trading platform that strongly focuses on usability and social trading features to provide a secure, efficient and enjoyable experience to its users.

The Blockport platform is connected to external exchanges and aggregates liquidity through its smart-order-routing system to automatically offer the best prices to its users.

In the coming year, Blockport is building on a hybrid-decentralized architecture that allows users to trade with high performance, whilst safely storing their funds on a blockchain wallet, meaning they own their private keys.

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