Electroneum wins Blockport Community Voting Contest

Electroneum wins Blockport Community Voting Contest

Two weeks ago, we launched a poll in which the Blockport community could vote for which cryptocurrency they’d like to see listed next on our trading platform.

The contest has officially ended, and we’re excited to announce that Electroneum (ETN) has come out on top.

Although Electroneum came out on top in the ‘anonymous’ voting category, we’d also like to point out that they had the most participants in the standard, public-profile voting category.

Through their app-based, mobile-mining system, the ETN team is on a mission to help over 350 million smartphone users in the developing world enter the digital market for the first time.

Individual Contest winners

As promised, 3 lucky voters will be randomly selected to each win 2000 BPT.

In order for us to select a winner, we need voting participants to add our support manager, ‘GosuCrypto’ as a contact on ClearPoll.

If you haven’t done so yet, you can easily do this by:

Clicking on ‘Social’ ---> ‘Manage Friends’----> ‘Add Friend’---> search ‘GosuCrypto’.

We’ll select the final winners in the first week of January, so please make sure to complete this process by the 31st of December.

We’d like to thank the different competitor communities for making our contest a successful one.

We’re excited to be listing ETN on the platform soon.

Stay tuned to our weekly updates or follow our Signals in the Blockfolio app to find out when ETN will be listed.

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