Community update

Community update

Dear Blockport community, a lot has happened since we announced the results of the STO last month. In this article we provide everyone with a quick update about our latest developments.


As we have pointed out in our previous update, we have downscaled our current operations to a minimum and took the Blockport platform offline as of yesterday. We did this because there are currently not sufficient resources to maintain the platform as-is, and run the platform responsibly from a security and support perspective.

However, after rain comes sunshine, and this unfortunate event for Blockport has also brought in a number of interested parties that want to explore a potential relaunch of the Blockport platform.

If there are more interested parties that would like to explore opportunities with us, please contact us on:

As we have stated before, these conversations are private and therefore we cannot share any developments until a deal is closed, and we have more clarity on the future of Blockport. Additionally, these negotiations take a lot of time since the complexity involved is high. We will update everyone once we can share something concrete.

Technology update

In the past months we’ve developed one of the core Blockport features: the internal trading engine and advanced trader view. Today, we’re proud to share some of our progress and therefore want to show our community a short video of how Blockport Pro looks and feels like.

Now that we have scaled down our operations and team, the development on new features will also be at a slower pace. As soon as we can showcase any new features, we will share it on our blog.

Best regards,
Team Blockport

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