Blockport Community Contest: June

Blockport Community Contest: June

In this article, an overview is provided of the past week’s milestones and developments at Blockport. This article also reveals the June winners of the Blockport Community Contest initiative, whereby Blockport enthusiasts from within our community are rewarded for producing relevant content for the Blockport brand. Lastly, a brief outline is provided of our upcoming plans and execution points.

A weekly status update

Another week has passed, and we are feeling humbled by the positive changes that have been building and compounding at Blockport. Here is a summary:

  • We finally moved into our new office! It still needs a bit of construction work but we are very pleased to now have our team at the Houthavens in Amsterdam west! Our address has changed to: Danzigerbocht 45S, 1013 AM, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
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  • We on-boarded approximately 400 new Beta users and did not run into any unexpected issues.

  • Three new team members started this week: John Mathews, Vitaly Lavrov and Jaanus Varus.

  • We did not build any additional product features this week. Most of our development time was spent on tweaking / improving our Beta platform, based on feedback from our users. However, we did deliver a first version for our brand new support tool, which our support team can now use to check user details and fix any anomalies.

  • We continued an in depth vulnerability assessment of our platform, thereby getting extensive insight into the things we want to fix.

  • We started structuring and improving our 24/7 on-call support process to make sure we are standby when any infrastructure problems arise.

  • We did 10+ deployments already, indicating that we are well under way to a strong, continuous process of reiteration and improvement. This shows the advantages of our decision to go for “microservices”.

  • We did a lot of DevOps improvements, focusing on ease of deploying our services as well as testing our changes before we move on to production.

Blockport Community Content: This month’s winners

Following on from the success of May’s Community Content competition, which you can read about here, we are happy to announce the June winners for this contest, in order of third, second and first place:

3. Razvan’s Article on Cryptorattle | 1000 BPT

Coming in third place this month is May’s Community Content first place winner, Razvan from Cryptorattle. In his latest article, titled “Understanding Crypto Social Trading and Where To Try This Novel Feature”, Razvan puts forward a logical, well-structured and argumentatively sound argument for the benefits of social trading within the current crypto and investment space. After outlining the historic trajectory of social trading as a phenomenon within the investment space, Razvan emphasises its broad range of potential use cases, highlighting how it can be used for learning purposes, for sharing ideas, and for developing a “passive income” strategy. Following a thorough summary of the value that social trading brings to the crypto space, Razvan goes on to describe the phenomenon of “copy trading”, a strategy that enables investors to “mirror the moves of a professional trader”. Then, these distinct trading tools are consolidated in Razvan’s mentioning of Blockport, whereby an emphasis is placed on how exactly our platform facilitates social trading. All in all, the Cryptorattle article is thoroughly researched, well-presented, and highly informative to prospective crypto traders.

2. Franziska’s Social Trading Infographic | Reddit | 2000 BPT

For coming second in this month’s competition, we’d like to formally congratulate Franziska (Reddit user Lunafreya) for her social trading infographic. With a sleek layout, a striking use of visuals, and a detail for precision, Franziska has produced an infographic that succinctly illustrates Blockport’s social trading feature. By combining an overview of what social trading is, in conjunction with excerpts from Blockboard’s dashboard that allow readers to visualise social trading in action, this infographic is great visual asset for our community to use. Well done Franziska, and congratulations!

Have a look at her infographic here.

1. Andy’s Medium article: ‘What is Social Trading’ I 3000 BPT

For his incredibly insightful article on Social Trading, the whole Blockport team would like to congratulate ‘Andy’ on Medium for coming first in this month’s Community Content competition. In his article ‘What is Social Trading’, Andy begins by providing a detailed and thorough explanation of social trading, describing its historic ties to Forex trading and its close affiliation to the concept of ‘copy trading’. Then, in a similar fashion to how we like to position Blockport’s value, Andy starts by highlighting a universal problem. Specifically, he highlights the many challenges faced by amateur investors within the crypto space, from navigating through the many exchange platforms in the market, to signing up processes and eventually trading itself. In light of these challenges, Andy explores three of Blockport’s core functionalities; our Fiat Gateway, our Exchange Platform, and our Social Trading component, highlighting how these features help to overcome several of the above-mentioned challenges. As an early Beta user, Andy also provides honest insight into his experience as a user on our platform: feedback which we greatly appreciate.

Well done to all three winners!

Next up: July Edition

Interested in producing custom Blockport content and winning BPT for your efforts? Just like Razvan, Franziska, and Andy, you are able to earn BPT next month by partaking in our Community Content initiative. Have a look at the contest article and find out how you can participate here.

Looking ahead: Next week’s plans

If no major issues are encountered that impede Blockport’s functionality, security or performance, we will double the amount of on-boarded users compared to the past week.

From a product perspective, we will focus on improving the performance of our trading dashboard, deliver our own database and backend services for historical coin prices and add more features to our support tool.

On another note, plenty of suggestions for improvements are being submitted via our support channels. We are extremely happy with all your feedback, and we do our best to implement it into our product development: keep it coming please!

If you are excited about what we do, please join our community Telegram channel!

Blockport tokens (BPT) are available at KuCoin exchange.

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