Community Content of the Month program

Community Content of the Month program

Community Content of the Month:
From the first of April and onwards, we will begin the ‘Community Content of the Month’ program. With this program, we’ll incentivize you, our community members, with BPT rewards for spreading the word about Blockport. You may deliver the content in any shape or form and publish it on any social channel you see fit. We want this competition to be more about quality than quantity, so we’ll only allow participants one entry per month.

How does it work?

  • You create an awesome piece of content on the specified topic.
  • Publish between the first and the last day of the month.
  • The content needs to be published publicly so that it is accessible at all times.
  • Submit your entry by completely filling in this Typeform.
  • Only the first submitted entry per month counts, so choose wisely.

Every month we will share a new topic as a starting point or theme around which you can create content. With that, we will also share a folder with creatives you can use in the process of content creation. The given topics and creatives are merely meant to be used as inspiration. You are free to create content on any subject you want, as long as it has a link to Blockport and our community.

Please note: For your content to be accepted and in order for you to be rewarded in BPT, we expect whatever you produce to be of a certain, high-quality standard that represents the Blockport brand in an appropriate manner.

As a reference for the type of quality we expect, have a look at the top three winners for August here.

This months contest will be more focussed on written content. We ask you to help advise beginner traders on how to start trading cryptocurrency.

When selecting the winners, all entries will be rated on the following five points when looking at the quality of the content:

-Level of desk research
-Article depth
-Matching the Blockport brand
-Writing style

The topic of September:
“Trading do’s and don’ts”

Reward structure:
First: 3000 BPT
Second: 2000 BPT
Third: 1000 BPT

Examples of content are:

  • Infographics
  • Blog posts
  • Explainer videos
  • Blockport review videos
  • Flyers or banners
  • Vlogs
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