BPT now available on the Blockport platform!

BPT now available on the Blockport platform!

We are excited to announce another roadmap-milestone for the Blockport team, community, and platform: as of today, the Blockport Token (BPT) is officially listed on our exchange.

This means that all Blockport users will be able to start trading BPT for BTC on the platform.

This listing follows on from our recent KuCoin integration, which you can read about here. Blockport is currently in the process of connecting to a variety of cryptocurrency exchanges, whereby we aggregate certain listings and order books. This not only improves our platform’s liquidity, but also enables us to provide users with the best possible prices. Other recent integrations include Bitfinex and Bitstamp.

Up next in our deployment list is a BPT/EUR listing, which will soon be launched as a follow-on from the BPT/BTC listing.

Looking further ahead, we aim to kickstart BPT’s use cases on the platform as soon as possible.

What exactly is BPT used for on the platform?

BPT is Blockport’s own ‘utility token’, meaning it is used to facilitate a variety of processes on our platform itself. For example, users can pay a certain amount of BPT in order to copy successful traders, or to receive a discount on trading fees.

The launch of BPT on our platform is a crucial first step for launching the ‘social trading’ features that make Blockport unique.

Read more about how we envision the use case and future value of the Blockport Token here.

Happy trading, and see you on the platform!

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