Blockport versus Coinbase

Blockport versus Coinbase

For everyone in our team, it’s great to see that our hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Last week, the team published an in-depth review of the Blockport exchange and trading platform, comparing many of its features and highlights against those of the industry-leading platform, Coinbase.

We’re pleased to say that we’re more than happy with the overall results!

Although you can read the entire review on their website, we’ve put together our own short summary for you to learn about the key findings.

Highlights and key takeaways from the article:

  • Blockport looks and feels very user-friendly and fits the needs of both beginner and experienced traders.

It only takes a few minutes to set up your account and to get up and running on the platform. This means that whether you’re an entry-level crypto investor or an experienced trader, you can make your first crypto-purchase on our platform with minimal effort and time.

Good user experience has always been at the center of our product offering, so we’re happy to have some outside affirmation of this key pillar in our company’s philosophy.

  • Users can start off small.  

In the CryptoBenelux article, it was highlighted how, with a deposit of just 10 euros, users can start out on Blockport. In comparison, on Coinbase the required minimum for a deposit is 15 dollars.

On that note, it has always been one of our top priorities to make trading cryptocurrencies accessible to as many people as possible.

  • Blockport’s pricing is exceptionally competitive!

For example, if you decide to buy 1000 euros worth of Bitcoin on Blockport, you’ll receive a total of 0.166 BTC (997 euro’s).

On Coinbase, you’ll only receive 0.164 BTC (985,10 euro’s) - when choosing for the SEPA bank transfer payment option, which takes an average of 2 working days.

If you don’t have two working days to spare, but want to buy your BTC instantly, the price difference becomes even greater. With instant purchasing, if you buy 1000 euros worth of Bitcoin on Blockport, you’ll receive a whole 41,68 euro worth of BTC more on Blockport!

Not bad, right? Next to our low fees in general, our users will save an extra 50% on all trading fees when holding a certain amount of Blockport Tokens.

  • Blockport supports more deposit methods.

Deposit methods like iDeal and SOFORT are supported by Blockport, making it the best easiest platform for European crypto enthusiasts in countries like the Netherlands and Germany to start trading on.

We’ve listened to our community on this one, and we understand that users want to be able to deposit money easily and quickly. This is why we’ve implemented payment methods like iDeal, lowering the bar for users to make their first deposit.

These are just a few of the points mentioned in the original article. Read the full review here.

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