Blockport STO launches at 3 pm, April 16th

Blockport STO launches at 3 pm, April 16th

Yesterday, the Blockport STO was set to launch at 3 pm CEST.

Shortly after the investment window was opened, our issuance partner platform, Tokeny, experienced issues with the rate limit of APIs for signing the subscription agreement. As a result, the volume of participating investors caused a bottleneck in the investor transaction flow. Therefore, Blockport investors were not able to complete the investment process yesterday.

Although the issue was being resolved as quickly as possible by increasing the API limit by 10 fold, we made the decision to postpone the STO launch until 3 pm today, the 16th of April.

We want to provide our investors with a fair and equal chance to invest, and therefore believe a 24 hour postponement was the best solution.

We understand that many of our investors and community members put time aside to participate in the STO today, and we'd like to convey our sincerest apologies for yesterday’s delay.

The Blockport STO is ready for lift-off!

Since yesterday’s postponement, it has been communicated to us that the technical issue in the investor dashboard has been resolved.

Today (April 16th), we're looking forward to opening the BPS sale up at 3pm CEST.

Becoming a part of Blockport

By participating in our STO, investors receive:  

  • Blockport Securities (BPS) in exchange for a minimum investment of EUR 500.
  • (Indirect) economic ownership of Blockport, as well as benefiting from a potential value increase in the Blockport company.
  • Profit sharing via dividends, through holding BPS.

Potential economic benefits aside;

  • BPS holders will receive exclusive access to annual meetings with Blockport’s board and management team, including financial reporting.
  • BPS holders will be included in key product development feedback processes.

This means that through our STO, we’ll be expanding the Blockport team and “family” to welcome our investors on board, and include them in the Blockport journey.

On behalf of our entire team, we’re grateful to everyone that’s supported us up until this point, and we’re looking forward to continuously growing together!

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