Blockport Roadmap Update

Blockport Roadmap Update

Blockport is now officially six months in business, and a lot has changed since we wrote our white paper in May 2017. Except two things: our vision and product roadmap.  

Since our vision is -and always has been- one of our strongholds, it remains unchanged. It is inherently linked to Blockport’s brand and culture, and it explains why we do what we do. It flows through everything we create at Blockport.

However, our old product roadmap is a very static and long-term projection of planned Blockport releases. People that are familiar with software development projects and the agile way of working, know that roadmaps longer than six months make little sense.

This has to do with two things: the complexity of software development and a constantly changing environment. Therefore, we have decided to fundamentally change the way we communicate our product releases from now on.

The new roadmap approach
Starting today, we will provide our community with a clear overview that shows the planned product features we will be working on in the next six months. There are three categories which indicate how we see our priorities from a product perspective.

Working on it - We aim to deliver these in the short run. It is clear what we want to deliver (features are validated/tested) and the feature has been detailed into more fine-grained requirements. We aim to complete these in the next three months. In fact, it might even be delivered next week.  

Planned - Features we are currently conceptualizing and validating with our users. We are confident that we want to deliver these as they add value. However, we do not know when we will deliver them yet. Probably somewhere in the next three to six months.

Long-term planning - All high-level concepts we aim to build in the future. These are larger and more conceptual ideas which are far from delivery. The priority of these items constantly changes since there is more uncertainty.

Up to this point, our roadmap solely contained these large, more conceptual and ambiguous items (“The full 2.0 release will support trading of multiple cryptocurrencies and includes the full range of social trading and knowledge sharing features”) which leaves too much room for speculation and interpretation. Especially when coupled with only a high level time indication.

This new approach brings everyone a couple of benefits:

1. Our roadmap will now align with our marketing strategy, which stimulates more frequent and smaller updates that will keep our community tightly involved in the release of new features;

2. Our roadmap will be aligned with our team’s actual way of working, which provides us with more synergy between internal and external communication;

3. We can communicate feature release dates more reliably and more frequently. Once we are confident about the performance of a certain feature, we can announce the exact launch date. This way we can provide everyone with constant and frequent updates regarding our product, instead of announcing one big release every quarter;

4. We can better align our marketing and product development calendar;

5. More flexibility in long term priorities. We enable ourselves to be agile enough to change the priority of certain product features, which is enormously important in a fast-paced market like the crypto market, from both a technical and business perspective;

6. Less ambiguity and questions on features and their respective release dates. Communicating our roadmap like this offers a lot of benefits for our community. First of all, they gain more insight in our product features and development priorities. Additionally, they receive more frequent updates which will keep the momentum of a growing company and community going. Moreover, this will stimulate more meaningful discussions about the features itself instead of their deadlines and will allow us to involve the community more during the process.

How do we communicate our roadmap?
We have included a dynamic tool on our website that enables everyone to see what features are on our product roadmap, sorted in the categories described above. The product features are described in cards where you can read what it exactly entails to build them. Feel free to check it out here and let us know what you think about it!

However, this does not mean that we are completely throwing away our previous product roadmap. We will keep the same focus on releasing a user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange with social trading features, multiple external exchanges and eventually a hybrid-decentralized architecture.

Website updates
With the launch of the Beta we have also updated the website and launched our own Blog hosted on our Blockport domain! This will take care of the issues we had with Medium deleting some of our articles because it is cryptocurrency related content.

Additionally, it will greatly improve our SEO ranking. Make sure to follow our Blog page from now on since we are slowly moving over our article publications from Medium.

You can now create an account for the Beta and sign in through our homepage.

If you are excited about what we do, please join our community Telegram channel!

Blockport tokens (BPT) available at KuCoin exchange.

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