Blockport launches full featured trading platform, goes global

Blockport launches full featured trading platform, goes global

Over the past several months, our team has worked incredibly hard to get the Blockport platform to where it is today, and the feedback we’ve received from our community so far has been extremely positive!

Now, we’re excited to move out of the Beta version and offer our users a full-featured trading platform.

With the new year at our doorstep, we’re expanding the Blockport platform with both small and large features that allow our users to take part in the new digital economy with even greater ease and safety.

With the foundations of our platform solidly in place, we’re ready to take Blockport to new heights over the coming year.  

BTC deposits

As of today, users will be able to deposit BTC into their Blockport accounts. This means that as a Blockport user, you’re able to send BTC to your Blockport account directly from other cryptocurrency wallets and platforms.

Whether you buy BTC on Blockport or deposit it from a different cryptocurrency wallet, you’re now able to directly exchange your BTC into Euros. You’re also able to cash out your Euros directly through our seamless withdrawal process. This makes Blockport one of the most intuitive and well-priced solutions for buying, selling and trading cryptocurrencies.

We’re extremely excited about this new feature, because it opens up the Blockport platform to new users from countries outside of Europe.

Additionally, we’ve taken extra measures in line with best practices to ensure that this feature is optimally safe and secure for our users.

BTC deposits are also a crucial first step in building our own wallet infrastructure, designed by our in-house dev team to be safe and easy to use for all our users. This infrastructure forms the basis for additional cryptocurrency deposit functionalities.  

Next in line will be Ethereum deposits, which will also allow deposits for Ethereum based tokens, such as our own Blockport Token, BPT.

Global expansion

Building on the traction we’ve experienced over the past year in Europe, and in line with demand from our global community, we’re taking on our next chapter in growth: On-boarding users from countries outside of the European Union.

As many of you know, our core mission has always been to make cryptocurrencies more accessible around the world. With this in mind, we’re proud to announce that the Blockport platform will be opened up to users from more than 150 additional countries!

As part of this global roll-out, our aim is to localize our platform in as many of these countries as possible. This means offering the Blockport experience in local languages, as well as providing local fiat currency support.

We’ll be rolling this expansion out in segmented batches of countries over the coming weeks and months, starting in February!

Keep an eye on our announcements to find out which countries will be on-boarded first!

US market update

We’re making great steps towards opening our platform to US users, although this is a significantly more difficult process than for other countries around the world.

To all our community members in the States, we’re happy to inform you that we’ve secured a partner to accept USD deposits, bringing us several steps closer towards regulatory compliance within the US market. Expect a more extensive update around this in the upcoming quarter of this year.

Global marketing

Now that the first full version of our product is live, a core focus for us this year is to expand Blockport’s reach and influence, whilst continuously growing our user-base and community. That’s why we’ve allocated significantly more resources to our marketing department, and we’ve set up some exciting campaigns to grow both our brand and user-base.

From advertising on other trading platforms, to securing media placements and getting featured on mainstream television, we’re making sure that Blockport gets seen! Stay tuned.

Referral program

Some of our users may already be aware of our referral program, but for those who aren’t: We’re currently giving away 10 Euros worth of BPT (Blockport Tokens) to both new and existing Blockport users.

To cash in on this offer, new users simply need to sign up for an account on Blockport and make 100 EUR in trades. Then, each new trader will receive 10 EUR worth of BPT -- the utility token powering the platform -- in their accounts.

Existing traders can earn this bonus by bringing in new users through our referral program. Users can find referral links on their account dashboards, which they can send to potential new users.

BPT referral program buy-back

Since the launch of the referral program, we’ve designed our system to pay out all referral rewards with BPT, which are automatically bought from the market.

This means that for every generated sign up through the referral program, we’ll reward both the new and existing user with 10 Euros worth of BPT.

In the past few weeks, we’ve tested this feature and we’re very excited to officially announce its implementation!

The Future of Blockport

In the short term, we’ll be focusing on additional fiat currency deposit methods (such as USD, GBP, CHF) and trading pairs, additional listings of crypto assets, social trading features and developing our own internal matching engine.

The internal matching engine will allow us to offer multiple order options, an advanced trader view and integrations from third-parties.

In terms of our long-term vision, we aim to offer a secure, efficient and user-friendly trading experience with social trading and bank connectivity, based on a unique hybrid-decentralized architecture.

This means that our development roadmap will support the security of a decentralized platform while keeping the speed, efficiency and ease-of-use from a centralized exchange model. User funds will be stored on the blockchain -- maximizing security -- and most leading cryptocurrencies and tokens will be available for trading on the exchange.

As part of our mission of facilitating mass adoption, education is key. Therefore, we educate people about cryptocurrencies through various streams of compelling and informative content. One such stream is the Blockport Academy, which has seen substantial organic growth in sign ups and demand.

A more important one is our range of unique social trading features, which combine the worlds of social media and cryptocurrency, offering our users a new social trading platform underpinned by an open and engaging knowledge-sharing community.

Product Hunt launch

We’re out of Beta, and we’ll be celebrating this launch with a campaign on ProductHunt - a leading platform to discover new tech projects and products.

This campaign will go live at 18:00 CET today, and we’d love to have you on board!

To take part, create an account on ProductHunt and ‘follow’ us. Once you’re on our product page, we’d greatly appreciate if you could ‘upvote’ our campaign when we go live at 18:00 CET. With your help, we can get Blockport listed as the “product of the day”, which would help to generate a lot of new exposure for our platform.

What else?

We’ll be experimenting with our new internal matching engine, which is going into Beta phase soon. This means we’re looking for cryptocurrency traders to test out our advanced trader user-interface. Expect an update on how you can help us out with testing!

Apart from what’s been mentioned, we’ve got many additional announcements planned over the coming weeks, from partnerships, to product features, licensing, and more.

We’re also very excited to share an update on our upcoming funding rounds, which are structured in a way that’s beneficial to all of our stakeholders. Keep an eye on our announcement channel.

If you’re not part of our Telegram community yet, now might be a good time to join.

About Blockport

Blockport is an Amsterdam-based cryptocurrency trading platform that combines social sharing with cryptocurrency trading to provide a secure, efficient and enjoyable trading experience to its users. As part of its vision of being a social trading system, future developments include connecting users with each other to discuss trading strategies and copy each other’s portfolios. This social trading model makes investing more enjoyable and allows beginners to quickly learn from veterans, hopefully resulting in early success. To learn more about Blockport, visit  

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