Blockport kicks off more crypto listings, starting with EOS

Blockport kicks off more crypto listings, starting with EOS

To kick off the offering of more cryptocurrencies on the Blockport platform, the team is happy to announce the listing of EOS, the first of many additional tokens to be added to Blockport’s trading platform.

This listing, which consists of a direct EOS/BTC trading pair, forms part of our recent integration with the Bitfinex exchange. This integration enables us to tap into the 90+ crypto tokens and coins on the Bitfinex platform, which we are able to list on our platform over the coming months.

After having listed only a limited number of cryptocurrencies on our platform during our recent development phase, this listing symbolises the next phase in our development roadmap.

As we move towards Q1 of 2019, we plan to provide our users with a broad range of new trading pairs and token listings on our platform. Traders can leverage these new listings effectively in conjunction with our Zero Deposit Fees promotion, which has been extended until the 1st of January, and a 50% discount on all trading fees when holding BPT in your wallet.

Stay tuned for more listing announcements!

About EOS

EOS.IO is a blockchain protocol powered by the native cryptocurrency EOS.

The EOS Blockchain is aiming to become a decentralized operating system which can support industrial-scale decentralized application.

EOS has many interesting value propositions, but two that we’d like to highlight are their goal of eliminating transaction fees on the Blockchain entirely, and their objective of enabling millions of transactions per second.

Find out more about EOS here.

About Blockport

If you aren’t familiar with our platform yet, Blockport is an easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange that bridges the traditional world of finance with the new digital economy of cryptocurrency.

The Blockport Beta platform allows you to buy, sell and exchange leading cryptocurrencies directly with Euro. If you haven’t signed up for an account yet, you can start trading immediately here.

The Blockport’s native token (BPT) allows users to pay for discounted trading fees (Binance model), as well as ‘social trading’ features directly on the platform. BPT is available on the Blockport platform and KuCoin's exchange.

Start trading EOS on Blockport now.

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