Blockport Community update: week 31

Blockport Community update: week 31

In this article, we provide an update of the past week’s developments at Blockport. We also provide an update on our most recent community content competition, announcing the top three winners. Lastly, we will provide a brief outline of Blockport’s upcoming plans.

Less is more: Blockport’s latest community offer

As of this week, and until October 1st, all Blockport users will pay zero deposit fees. As a gesture to our community and the growth we’ve experienced so far, you’re now able to experience Blockport with zero deposit fees.

Make sure to be quick, the offer ends on October 1st!

Don’t have an account yet? This is the time to start trading.

What happened last week?

At Blockport HQ:

  • We onboarded another crypto influencer and a major tech influencer. In the coming weeks you’ll be finding out more.
  • A Dutch Crypto-magazine interviewed our founders about the start, current state and future of Blockport. Sorry, the article is unfortunately only in Dutch:

In terms of product development:

  • Lots of little changes have been made in the UI, we picked up a lot of feedback from our users which will improve the overall user experience.
  • Most of the other efforts this week are related to connecting a second external exchange.
  • Some time was spent to get our new offer up and running. Zero deposit fees! Did we tell you already?

Blockport Community Content: This month’s winners

As you might know, we run a community content campaign at Blockport every month, where we reward our community members for creating relevant and engaging content about Blockport.

Based on the growing success and traction of this contest, we are happy to announce the past month’s top three winners, from third to first:

3. Lanre Okunnuga- ‘Blockport- the Act’

For coming third place in July’s Community Content competition, we’d like to congratulate Lanre Okunnuga for his insightful article about the Blockport Token (BPT). In bringing something new to the table, Lanre dives into his motivations for investing in BPT several months ago, following which he dives into the various functionalities of the coin itself, highlighting its various use cases and roles within the Blockport ecosystem and in the world of crypto trading. Overall, Lanre’s article provides enough depth to give readers concrete insight into the nature and status of BPT, whilst his reading remains accessible and light.

Well done Lanre, and thanks again! You’ll be receiving 1000 BPT tokens for your efforts.

2. Andy on Medium- ‘What Blockport means to me’

In second place, we’d like to congratulate Andy for his article on what Blockport means to him. To start off his article, Andy provides a nice contextual framing of what Blockport is, its history, and his role as an active member of our community. This last element is critical, in that Andy nicely ties together the community-driven nature of our platform, highlighting the role of some of our initiatives, from AMAs to development feedback. Then, Andy provides a self-made infographic highlighting many of Blockport’s core principles, functionalities and use cases.

Nicely done, Andy! You’ll be getting 2000 BPT as your prize.

1.  Gareth Mensah- ‘Blockport: The Gateway to Crypto Heaven’

In this month’s winning article, Gareth begins with an interesting starting point: the crypto-quest for mass adoption. In discussing the ideal of mass adoption, Gareth dives into the many possible reasons as to what’s preventing it; from language barriers to usability. Then, he tactically positions Blockport as a possible bridging vessel in the journey towards the ‘utopia’ of mass-adopted crypto. In doing so, he highlights Blockport’s persistent emphasis on simplicity, usability, and accessibility, principles that we constantly strive to uphold.

Gareth, on behalf of our whole team, we’d like to say thanks for the great article. We’re also happy to hand over your prize of 3000 BPT.

Next up: August’s Community Content Competition

With an ever-growing community of crypto traders and Blockchain enthusiasts, we’re excited to ramp up the monthly Content Competition as we grow!

It’s simple: Create Blockport-related custom content, add your own unique personal touch, and if you get selected into the top 3, get rewarded in BPT! Find out more here.

The Subject for August will be: Less is more: Zero deposit fees at Blockport.

What’s on next week at Blockport?

  • Stay tuned for an interview with Zowie Langdon and Kai Bennink next week.
  • You might have picked up the news that we are working hard to connect to a secondary exchange, which is Bitfinex. More on that in the coming weeks.
  • Next week our bi-weekly AMA on Reddit will be hosted by one of our software engineers Adrii Yurchuk and our Support Manager Adriaan Krul.
  • We will continue to scale up our user onboarding to the Blockport Beta platform. We’ve seen great traction so far, and we are really excited to get as many users onto the platform as possible. (Again, if you have not had a chance to sign up yet, create your account now and let us know what you think).

Your feedback is always welcome. Please feel free to engage with us in our official Telegram channel.

PS: Make sure to capitalize on zero trading fees while the offer is still live: Create your account now.

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