Blockport Community update: week 29

Blockport Community update: week 29

First things first: user accounts are being activated quickly. So, if you haven’t tried the Blockport platform yet, it is time to create your account now!

The success of the Beta brings us into a new phase for the entire company, and we are grateful to have you on board for the journey. Up until July this year, our focus was on building a reliable and stable trading platform whilst growing a dedicated community. Now, we are opening up our services to those that have not yet heard of or tried Blockport.

With the first of many Blockport campaigns going live soon, you’ll be one of the early viewers of our new intro film. Find out more below.

What happened last week?

At Blockport HQ, we:

  • Onboarded one of the bigger influencers “CryptoDaily” who will review our platform next week. We are looking forward to his review, stay tuned!
  • A/B tested many of our advertising materials on different channels while we are waiting for Facebook’s approval.
  • Improved deployments and development process of our microservices by dedicating time to CI/CD.
  • Did some zero-downtime deployments with several improvements to our platform.
  • Discussed and planned further focus on several security aspects of our trading engine and overall platform.
  • Considered the prospect of being ISO 27001 certified in the future. In the coming months, we will focus on overall guidelines to prepare and create necessary processes that will bring us in line with regulation, whilst upholding our level of productivity. To begin with, we will be taking some inspiration from guidelines drawn out in ISO 27002.

In terms of product development…

  • We have always worked agile, but now that the company is growing, we are dividing work more and more effectively into what are called ‘Epics’. These consist of smaller, distributed teams, thereby enabling us to work on multiple things at the same time. Our microservices architecture allows for effective parallelization as well.

In general it has been a week focused on technical improvements and switching methodology. Next to that:

  • The Blockport support tool has been greatly improved (deposit cancelling and confirming for our support team).
  • SEPA payment references are now more permissive as we experienced that wire transfers are sensitive to inputting & matching mistakes.
  • We added extra information in our UI for users sending Ethereum to other wallets.
  • Re-introduced the top-navigation on Mobile. We experimented with making our interface even cleaner by deleting interaction elements. Based on our users’ feedback we can conclude it wasn’t a successful experiment.
  • The performance of our trading flow has been greatly improved. We invite you to give it a spin and tell us how it feels.

What’s happening next week?

  • You will be one of the first to enjoy our new introduction film for Blockport. At the start of next week our video campaign will go live and you can see it first through our Telegram channel. Be sure to keep a lookout.
  • We have finished testing some of our other advertising materials, so you will see Blockport pop-up on your favorite crypto-related platforms soon.
  • Product development will be focused on integrating a second exchange, delivering a first version of our backend so we can calculate price and performance history. Nothing we expect to be able to finish next week, though. This is all complex, technical work which takes time.
  • As always, you can expect a steady stream of smaller product improvements to be picked up next.

We are also continuously onboarding new users to the Blockport Beta platform. If you have not used it yet, we would love for you to try it out and let us know what you think. Create your account now!

Your feedback is always welcome. Please feel free to engage with us in our official Telegram channel.

Until next week!

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