Blockport Community update: week 28

Blockport Community update: week 28

In this article, we highlight last week’s developments at Blockport. The winners of the Blockport Beta Access Campaign are also announced. Additionally, we provide you with a summary of our plans for the upcoming week.

What happened this week at Blockport?

This week we published a thorough article providing more clarity regarding Blockport token’s (BPT) value and its utility. Read more here.    

We are busy wrapping up our first full week in the new Blockport offices, where our team has comfortably settled into our new workspace.

With a new office and a live Beta, it is time to start building our user base. In the coming days you will be able to share our first promo video and see more of our advertising pop up in on your favorite crypto news sites. The hard work of our development team needs to be showcased. So, keep your eyes peeled.

Kyran and Petro, two of Blockport’s lead front-end developers, hosted this week’s AMA session on Reddit. Have a look at the result here.

In terms of product development, this week consisted of many milestones for our platform, which our development team is happy to announce:

  • The performance of our ‘rates’ and ‘dashboard’ features has been significantly improved. This means you can expect instant loading times from now on!
  • We have decreased the app size to 700kb. This saves a lot of initial loading time, especially on slower networks.
  • We released a new version of our trading engine with improvements for “fund rounding” and order execution.
  • From a user experience point of view, we improved the log-in process by removing the requirement for case sensitive usernames and email addresses.
  • Our support tool has been improved with some additional features to make things smoother for Adriaan, our Support Manager.
  • We also added an additional feature to our system’s backend that automatically cancels pending deposits (when users do not complete deposits). We will start by automatically cancelling pending iDEAL deposits after 24 hrs, SOFORT deposits after 5 days and SEPA deposits after 7 days. This period is tentative, and we will start with longer time-periods to stay on the safe side.
  • Crucially, we have refined our roadmap for the next eight weeks. For now, all that we will say is that there are some exciting things to look forward to! Check out our full product roadmap here.

    Blockport Beta Access Campaign

    We are excited to announce the end of the Blockport Beta Access Campaign, in which 500 community members are granted early access to the Beta platform. Based on certain irregular behaviour, we have excluded around 50 accounts from the top 500 leaderboard. The final 500 winners have already been emailed and have received their Beta invitation.

    We’d like to congratulate the following top 10 contest winners, from first to tenth, in the following order:

    1 Najy2
    2 drastic3
    3 Konstantin4
    4 Safa5
    5 darkownage0566
    6 pham7
    7 spbalexpiter8
    8 nguyen9
    9 An10
    10 N. H.

    All top 500 contestants will be rewarded as follows:

Due to a delay from our side in finalising this contest, we have decided to double the prize pool and reward all top 500 contestants with an additional 60 BPT. An email will be sent out in a few days asking the top 500 for their ETH wallet addresses and the top 50 for their postal address.

Overall, we are happy with the outcome of the campaign and would like to thank our community and all those who participated!

If you are interested in joining our community contest initiatives and earning BPT, check out our monthly Community Contest here.

What’s happening next week?

The next week at Blockport looks more or less as follows:

  • The end of downtime: as we completed a number of successful “zero downtime deployments” last week, we will no longer be using an optional maintenance window. Expect updates to our platform throughout the day without noticing any downtime!
  • Last week we welcomed three new team members. As a result, we will experiment with a new way of working with our development teams. As our platform and team expand, it is important for us to optimise the way we work, and where necessary break into smaller teams for the purposes of optimising or developing different features.
  • We will be expanding our internal data analytics tool. This will help us get more insights into our users’ behavior.  
  • We are aiming to onboard a very exciting crypto influencer who will review the Blockport platform. Stay tuned!

Overall, we’re excited to keep the momentum building and to persist in expanding the current Beta live version.

If you have not done so, this is the moment to sign up for our new Beta platform! Create an account now and become one of the first users to experience Blockport.

Your feedback is always welcome. Please feel free to engage with us in our official Telegram channel.

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