Blockport Community Contest: May

Blockport Community Contest: May

In this article, we provide an update of the past week’s developments at Blockport. We also reveal May’s monthly Community Content winners. Lastly, we will provide a brief outline of Blockport’s upcoming plans.

A weekly status update
As is almost customary in the space that we are working in, the last week at Blockport has been incredibly busy, exciting and full of progress.

During this week we have on-boarded over 50+ new Beta users that are currently heavily testing the product’s performance and functionalities. Unfortunately, these users have to deal with the un-user-friendly VPN in order to access the Beta. The team is working hard to get our security up to a proper level so that we can remove the secure VPN and open the Beta for the public. As for now, we will keep inviting more users that are allowed and kindly asked to share their experience with the rest of the community.

Last week, the founders of Blockport have visited Malta. The objective of the trip was to engage with banks, payment service providers and e-money institutions. Overall, we received incredible insight into the international regulatory frameworks around crypto finance, and we are also pleased to announce that we are undergoing due diligence and client on-boarding processes with several of the institutions that we met with.

Other than that, we have been going big on the hiring front, having recently on-boarded Nienke Jolien Norden as our new HR manager. Check out our vacancies here:

Blockport Community Content: This month’s winners
As you might know, we run a community content campaign at Blockport every month, where we reward our community members for creating relevant and engaging content about Blockport.
Based on the growing success and traction of this contest, we are happy to announce the past month’s top three winners, from third to first:

3. Michael Reynolds, the ‘CryptoGinger’ | 1000 BPT
For coming third place in this month’s competition, we would like to congratulate Michael Reynolds for his Youtube video about the Blockport Beta 1.0 platform. In his video, Michael succinctly, clearly and simply describes the Blockport Beta 1.0 platform. Hereby, he highlights the platform’s strong focus on usability, experience and efficiency. We particularly like his final words in the video, whereby he ends off his description of the platform by emphasising that “this is only the beginning”. Spot on, Michael.

See his video here.

2. Penny from Particico: Blockport vs Coinbase | 2000 BPT
With an honourable second place to her name for this month’s content competition, a big congratulations to Penny (Amazontype) from Particico. In her article “Post ICO: Blockport vs. Coinbase”, Penny provides a detailed outline of the differences (and similarities) between our platform, and the US-based trading platform Coinbase. Her analysis is logical, fair, and analytical, whilst highlighting several key points about crypto trading platforms in general. Perhaps most importantly, Penny highlights one of Blockport’s main differentiating factors: our social trading features.

Check our her analysis here.

1. Razvan- Cryptorattle | 3000 BPT
On behalf of the entire Blockport team, we would like to send out a massive congratulations (and thanks) to Razvan from Cryptorattle for his article “Blockport- The First Social Crypto Exchange”. In this article, Razvan starts off by framing a context that we are all very much familiar with: poor and confusing user interfaces at crypto exchanges. In outlining the experiences of amateur investors (which we have all been at some or other point), Razvan truly hits the nail on the head in discussing the relatable hassles of account verification, transfers between exchanges, price parity etc. From there, his article adopts a nice flow, highlighting the many ways in which the Blockport platform solves these issues, from our user interface to our in-platform social network. We also love that he managed to capture what makes Blockport’s platform unique as a crypto exchange: it’s social component.

Read Razvan’s winning article here.

Next up: June Edition
In the wake of May’s successful community content results, we are happy to announce the launch of this month (June’s) competition.

Create custom content around Blockport and get rewarded in BPT, just as Michael, Penny, and Razvan have done. The subject of June will be: Social Trading.

Looking ahead: Next week’s plans
In terms of what is coming up, we are happy to announce that as of next week, we are launching the first bi-weekly AMA session on Blockport’s Reddit channel, where you will be able to engage with two of Blockport’s team members at a time.

Next Wednesday, the first AMA session will be hosted by our Product Owner, Jasper Blokland, and our Lead Designer, Jasper Jansz. Everyone can start asking their questions on wednesday around 12:00 PM (CEST). The next day, on Thursday at 12:00 PM (CEST), Jasper & Jasper will start answering all of the questions.

Furthermore, we will be on-boarding an additional 100+ Beta users onto the platform. Currently, there are around 115 users in the Beta.

We also aim to boost the PR component of Blockport’s marketing strategy in the upcoming weeks. This includes collaborating with and leveraging crypto influencers and their large networks. Because the Blockport platform currently supports Euro the majority of this marketing activity will occur within a European context.

Finally, we are happy to announce that we will be providing a weekly newsletter for our community. For those who are interested in following our developments, opting in to our newsletter means you will receive a weekly update of what our team has been up to, and what the latest Blockport developments are.

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