Blockport Community Contest: August

Blockport Community Contest: August

In this month’s community update article, an overview is provided of the most recent happenings and developments at Blockport. Thereafter, the most recent winners of our monthly community contest will be announced. Finally, we’ll provide a brief update on which projects and activities are scheduled in the pipeline for next week.

A weekly status update

What happened last week at Blockport HQ?

  • Our development team finished most of the backend work required for the Bitfinex integration to successfully go through. That means we will soon be able to start listing up to 90+ coins.  
  • The EU is looking at regulating Cryptocurrencies in Europe. We see this as a positive thing, and are looking forward to engaging with regulatory bodies to help pave the way forward.
  • We improved our KYC process, solving some minor issues that some users may have encountered.
  • A significant amount of backend work was put in to make Bitcoin and other coin deposits possible.
  • We have been designing and user-testing the UI architecture for adding new coins to our platform.  
  • Performance improvements:  We have been working to decrease the payload size.
  • We've been featured in an article on the industry blog 'Invest in Blockchain' about the Blockchain scene in Amsterdam. Have a look at the interview here.

Blockport Community Contest: This month’s winners

We’re really happy with the growth of our monthly community contest.

For the month of August, we would like to announce the following winners, in order of third, second and first place:

3. Andy on Medium- Less is More

Coming in third place this month, Blockport enthusiast Andy has published an article highlighting our latest campaign: Zero deposit fees. In this article, Andy explores the underlying mantra of this campaign: Less is more. By doing so, he explores the many benefits that Blockport users can get out of the campaign, as well as the “behind the scenes” element of the entire campaign.

For his content piece, Andy will receive 1000 BPT

2. Lanre Okunnuga- Blockport’s Simple Turn

This month’s second place prize goes to Lanre for his latest medium article. In this piece, Lanre dives into what he calls Blockport’s “pieces of success”. He defines these as the pledge, the turn, and the prestige (read the article to find out more). Overall, Lanre’s article provides deep and well thought-out insight into the world of Blockport: our core value propositions and our placement within the greater world of crypto, Blockchain and even tech. Lanre, keep up the great work!

For coming second place this month, Lanre will receive 2000 BPT

1. Vukasin Ausev: Importance of hospitality — Zero Deposit Fees at Blockport

For finishing in first place this month, we would like to congratulate one of our community members, Vukasin, for his insightful overview of Blockport’s emphasis on hospitality. In his article, Vukasin explores the foundational principles and values that define Blockport; from usability to social sharing, and from trust to hospitality. With these principles in mind, Vukasin then goes on to highlight how they subtly tie to our current launch campaign: Zero Deposit fees. Hereby, he also does some useful comparisons of pricing between different exchange platforms. Thanks Vukasin, great job!

For his winning content piece, Vukasin will receive 3000 BPT.

Well done to all three finalists!

Next up: September edition.

Interested in producing custom Blockport content and winning BPT for your efforts? Just like Andy, Lanre and Vukasin, you are able to earn BPT next month by partaking in our Community Content initiative. The next months contest will be a little bit different compared with the previous months. The topic of September is “Trading do’s and don’ts” where you can help advise beginner traders on how to start trading cryptocurrency. Have a look at the contest article and find out how you can participate here.

Looking ahead: Next week’s agenda

With lots in the pipeline, next week will look more or less as follows:

  • We aim to start testing the Bitfinex integration in a secure environment.
  • Proof of concepts will be tested to allow coin deposits on our platform.
  • We will be executing on backend work for the trader profiles. This is a big step forward in bringing our social trading features to life.
  • Transaction IDs for crypto withdrawals will be implemented so that users can trace back their transactions on the corresponding blockchains.
  • Our marketing and growth team will be working on educational content that help beginners to get starting with crypto trading and help grow our knowledge sharing community.

If you are excited about what we do, please join our community Telegram channel!

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