Blockport Beta update

Blockport Beta update

In the past weeks we made huge progress with regards to the development of the Blockport 1.0 Beta and are extremely proud of our team on what we have accomplished so far. We are now seven weeks in Beta mode and have on-boarded over 50 users that are actively testing all functionalities and the performance of the platform.These users have all been instructed to configure a VPN (Virtual Private Network) through which they can access the Beta environment. Since the Beta is only accessible through this VPN and users are under NDA, we have coined this the “Private Beta” period

Security status

Although our platform is functionally complete and ready for open Beta, we are not confident enough that our security is sufficient to remove the VPN and “open up” the Beta before the 1st of June. Based on security-, stress- and performance-testing by external auditors, we have concluded that we need more time to further improve the security of our platform.

We are sure that improving our security should have minimal impact on the on-boarding of new Beta users and we will therefore continue to expand our Beta user group. However, this will only be done using our VPN until we can safely remove this measure. Furthermore, we will lift the NDA restrictions and users are free to share content of our Beta product. The new private Beta users that we plan to on-board will also include influencers who we invite to review our Beta product and share content with our community.

Beta walkthrough video

This week we have also created a video of the working Beta in where we share the experience of using Blockport’s Beta platform on mobile. This will provide our community a good impression of what the app looks and feels like.

In the following walkthrough video you can see how we make an instant Euro deposit and buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies with just a few clicks.

Check it out!

Improving security

Although the level of security is not sufficient yet, we are extremely close to releasing the Beta for more users and are also very excited to disclose that we will be launching the mobile and desktop version at the same time!

This means that the Beta can be used on mobile and desktop sooner than we expected and the functionalities of both versions are nearly identical.

Please be aware that the entire Blockport team is well aware of the large interest in our Beta platform and the eagerness of our community to experience it first hand. We will continue to work tirelessly on our product and are investing even more time and resources to get it running safely. However, we are not willing to take the risk of opening our platform before it has been battle tested thoroughly.

Don’t forget that there are very exciting times ahead for Blockport and we are well on our way to deliver a great product that supports buying, selling and trading of five cryptocurrencies with Euro in a mobile and desktop app. We are extremely proud that we are heading towards a major milestone with our team.

If you are excited about what we do, please join our community Telegram channel!

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