Blockport announces KuCoin integration

Blockport announces KuCoin integration

Following the recent news of our platform’s integration with both Bitstamp and Bitfinex, the Blockport team is excited to announce another big milestone: integrating the KuCoin exchange into our platform!

This is in line with our product roadmap and market rollout plan, in which we've planned to connect to multiple external exchanges in order to aggregate liquidity and offer Blockport users the best possible prices.

Because our platform’s token, BPT, is tradeable on KuCoin, we will be able to list it on our own platform very soon!

Buy BPT directly with Euro

KuCoin hosts over 380 different crypto tokens and coins, which can potentially be added to the Blockport platform. Thanks to this integration, we will first and foremost be adding BPT to our platform, which users will eventually be able to buy directly with Euros.

Buy Blockport Tokens on Blockport

Blockport token utility

The integration of the Blockport Token on our platform is a crucial first step for facilitating the ‘social trading’ features that make Blockport unique. For example, BPT plays the role of copying successful traders, enabling discounted trading fees and higher deposit limits for users.

Read more about how we envision the future value of the Blockport Token here.

Future developments

Apart from the KuCoin integration, we’re currently working on the first version of our ‘social trading’ features. We’re also working on credit card support, expanding our list of supported countries, as well as many other functionalities. Keep an eye on our dynamic product roadmap for the latest developments.

We have also been preparing our internal listing policy to accept future listings of new tokens and coins at Blockport. Projects can already secure a future listing on the Blockport platform for a discounted fee here.

About Blockport

Blockport is an easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange that bridges the traditional world of finance with the new digital economy of cryptocurrencies, making it accessible for everyone.

The Blockport platform allows you to buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies directly with Euro. If you haven’t signed up for an account yet, you can start trading immediately here.

If you have questions about Blockport’s integration with KuCoin, then join our community Telegram channel and engage with us.

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